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Friday, September 9, 2011

Never Underestimate Internet Hackers

Never underestimate the intelligence of those who hack into various accounts on the internet. When you least expect it, something will seem amiss. I know that I speak with experience. I was going to offer up a couple of my amazon cards for my awesome blog readers, but when I went to get the cards and the codes, it seems like someone bet me to them. And this was from a site that was supposed to be secure. Whether they went through the front door, back door or side entrance really is irrelevant as they did manage to get in.

One must really ask themselves, how secure is the internet really. Perhaps the government and sites that deal with money directly, such as banks, have different SSL encryptions that make it almost impossible to surpass, but perhaps this can be done as well. So, with that being said, if you are a collector of amazon cards as well as any other type of online gift card that is equal to a monetary amount, my advice to you is to apply them to the website that they are redeemable for as soon as you get them. You never know who is going to sneak in whichever door is not dead bolted and suddenly before you blink an eye, disappear with your hard earned gift cards.


Muhammad Shoaib said...

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Maria Iemma said...

I am always worried about hackers and people that steel your identify. Not sure how we can protect ourselves since even large companies with IT departments get hacked.

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