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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Green Christmas Giveaway Event

Gearing up for a huge giveaway event that I will be an active participant in for the week of Nov 11-18. It is an event that will feature over 100 blogs, so make sure not to miss it. I am currently connecting with some awesome businesses and asking them if they would like to a review done of their products as well as sponsor/donate their products or services to this event.

Those interested in participating in the sponsorship of this event kindly contact me at dagy at gmx dot com. Here is just a little information about it. More info will be sent to those who wish to sponsor or have a review done.

Items should be related to sustainable/eco-friendly/recycled/up cycled products, Mom and Pop businesses,Independent consultants (yes, even if their products are not green) ETSY (yes, even if the products are not green) books (we support authors!)
Each giveaway package has a guideline as set by the Green Christmas Blog Hop Giveaway in which the minimum arv of an item is set at 25.00. However, if your product or service does not reach that minimum, it can be virtually packaged as part of one giveaway package at my discretion.

This event will generate lots of traffic for you and your products. So make sure to send me an email.


LisaLisa said...

I love joining these type of events, they really do bring more traffic!

Maria Iemma said...

I am looking forward to this. I appreciate the giveaways you have for your readers.

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