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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Meal Time with Actifry

You all know that I received an Actifry from TFal to product test and do a product review of. They sent me the machine to use for a couple of weeks. I will keep you informed about the meals that I have made with it and the results of them. 

In case you did not know, Actifry is a machine that allows you to cook meals with little or no oil at all, and although a little steep in price, this machine can do more than just cook fries.

It is great for those who like the taste of fried foods without having to cook the food in it. It can cook either frozen or fresh food in less time than it takes for your oven to heat up, which is great during the warm weather.

This machine comes with a handy measuring spoon for the oil as well as a small condensed paper recipe book as well as one that is a softcover and somewhat larger. There is virtually little guessing with this machine as all you do is plug it in add the food (with or without the 3 tablespoons of oil), close the lid and set the timer. Then you can do something else while your dinner cooks. 

As I mentioned not only does the Actifry make fries, it cooks meat, desserts, frozen foods, potatoes, beans, and so much more.

Tonight I picked up some chicken thighs that already been spiced up with barbecue seasoning, along with some frozen onions rings and some potato salad. That along with some herbed rolls, completed the meal.

As for cooking with the Actifry, I was delighted to discover that it was big enough inside to hold 9 good sized thighs. I did not add any oil to the pan, I simply placed them in the machine and set the timer to 35 minutes, originally. I, then added another 10 minutes to it when this cycle was complete.

The machine slowly churned the chicken as it heated up and cooked it to perfection. When it was done, I placed them in a covered dish and then drained out all the oil so that I could start afresh with the onion rings.

I rinsed the dish and wiped it clean with a paper towel and then I placed a couple of tablespoons of oil in it and added two bags of onion rings. I set the timer and off I went to do something else. Well, to be perfectly honest, I ended up trying to crisp them up in the oven as they were a little soggy. 

Perhaps this was an error on my part as I am thinking that I should have perhaps only done one bag at a time. Another thing that I did not do was separate the rings, I just dumped the contents of the bag into the machine. Live and learn, so they say. I will attempt to make these again before I send the machine back.

Next item I might do is a baked fruit dessert, not sure yet. Maybe I will make a fruit compote, toss in some apples, mango, pears, butter, cinnamon and little brown sugar. I know I will definitely make some homemade fries! 

Will keep you posted about my next venture with cooking with the Actifry from Tfal.


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