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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Mama Told Me, You Better Shop Around

Pardon me for coining a phrase from a well known song entitled, “Shop Around”. 

Although these song lyrics are clearly about taking the time to choose the RIGHT man to become involved with and following the advice from a person who has more knowledge and experience than we do; our Mom’s, the same phrase can also be applied to finding the best deals.

Finding the best deals on everyday things such as; food and clothing does take some practice. In order to save money on these necessities, it is important that you learn how to set up a budget for these items. Searching newspaper ads, magazines and online websites for physical coupons or coupons to print out and clip are becoming more and more important in our everyday life. 

In order to save even more money, save up your coupons and watch your weekly flyers for specials and apply your coupons when these products are on sale. This will enable you to save even more at the checkout. Search online for promotions that you can use that offer a buy one, get one free promotion. 

The trick to saving money on food items as well as clothing is to buy only what you need. The rule of thumb is to never impulse shop. In other words, do not purchase an item just because it is on sale.

Other ways that you can save on the more expensive food items, such as meat, is to purchase a cheaper cut of meat and marinate it. Marinating tough cuts of meat overnight in an oil and vinegar based salad dressing will tenderize it as the oil and vinegar will penetrate through the grain and into the body of the meat, thus making it easier to cut and chew when you are eating it.

Never shop for groceries on an empty stomach! This will cause you to purchase more than what you initially went to the grocery shop for in the first place. Check your local weekly flyers for promotional sales on the items that you normally use within your household. 

And remember what your Mama told you as my Mama told me, “ You better shop around”, in order to save even more money on the basic necessities that are needed in our everyday life.


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